Deb Hopewell

Deb Hopewell

Journalist/writer/story teller

Deb Hopewell, former editor of Yahoo Travel, is a lifestyle and travel writer, editor, and storyteller who has worked extensively in digital media, daily journalism, and radio.

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Angels landing hikers article
smarter TRAVEL


Our November National Park of the Month

Haleakala article
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Our December National Park of the Month for December

Yosemite article
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Our October National Park of the Month

Grand canyon article
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Grand Canyon National Park

Our September National Park of the Month

Great smoky mountains dd article
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Great Smoky Mountains

Our April National Park of the Month

Olumpics article
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Olympic National Park

Our May National Park of the Month

Glacier article
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Glacier National Park

Our August National Park of the Month

Wrangell article
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Wrangell-St. Elias

Our July National Park of the Month

Yellowstone feature article
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Yellowstone National Park

Our June National Park of the Month

Hot springs np dd article
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Hot Springs, AK

Our March National Park of the Month

Death valley spring dd article
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Death Valley

Our February National Park of the Month

Aerial view of florida everglades dd article
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The Everglades

Our January National Park of the Month

Comfort article
smarter TRAVEL

Pro Tips for Flying in Comfort

We asked 10 frequent-flying pros for their best tips on how to keep as comfortable as possible on those long flights.

Stm55d5d2afbe89f20150820 article
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10 New World Heritage Sites That Should Be On Your Bucket List

This summer, UNESCO granted protected status to a wealth of inspiring sites

Hike article
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10 Great American Hikes That (Almost) Anyone Can Do

10 of the best day hikes in the country that don't require an Olympian level of fitness, but will still reward you with incomparable scenery and the satisfaction that comes from a great day on the trail.