Deb Hopewell

Deb Hopewell

Journalist/writer/story teller

Deb Hopewell, former editor of Yahoo Travel, is a lifestyle and travel writer, editor, and storyteller who has worked extensively in digital media, daily journalism, and radio.

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Salinas article

America's Best Places to Live

Living & Working in Salinas, CA

Angels landing hikers article
smarter TRAVEL


Our November National Park of the Month

Haleakala article
smarter TRAVEL


Our December National Park of the Month for December

Yosemite article
smarter TRAVEL


Our October National Park of the Month

Grand canyon article
smarter TRAVEL

Grand Canyon National Park

Our September National Park of the Month

Img 1293 article
Los Angeles Times

Face to face - almost - with Crazy Horse

If and when it's completed, it would be the largest sculpture in the world

Black hills article
Los Angeles Times

South Dakota's Black Hills

Gorgeous scenery, abundant wildlife and friendly people - what's not to like?

Great smoky mountains dd article
smarter TRAVEL

Great Smoky Mountains

Our April National Park of the Month

Olumpics article
smarter TRAVEL

Olympic National Park

Our May National Park of the Month

Palmyra article

Should Palmyra be restored?

Photographer Joseph Eid captures photos of Palmyra – one of the world’s most intact ancient ruins – before and after IS occupation. The juxtaposition is wrenching.

Glacier article
smarter TRAVEL

Glacier National Park

Our August National Park of the Month

Wrangell article
smarter TRAVEL

Wrangell-St. Elias

Our July National Park of the Month

Img 2112 article
Fodor's Travel

10 Must-See Places in the Land of the Inca

Machu Picchu is just one of the many fascinating sites waiting to be explored in this part of Peru.

Yellowstone feature article
smarter TRAVEL

Yellowstone National Park

Our June National Park of the Month

Hot springs np dd article
smarter TRAVEL

Hot Springs, AK

Our March National Park of the Month