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Deb Hopewell

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Deb Hopewell, former editor of Yahoo Travel, is a lifestyle and travel writer, editor, and storyteller who has worked extensively in digital media, daily journalism, and radio.

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The Perfect Thursday Night in Park City

Bobsledding, Shopping, and Ski-In Whiskey

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How a Hobbit Tours New Zealand: Real Places from the Movies You Can Visit

Whether you’re a “Ringer” looking for the Shire or a trekker in search of a challenge, here are some places to start, and some of the best New Zealand has to offer.

A7302ce489dd6072b3ab3727903cd7bb76be36eb article

Put The Cellphone Down and Back Away Slowly: Mobile Etiquette ...

What passes for etiquette on your cell phone? It depends on where in the world you are.

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St. Kitts: Bring the kids - there's something for everyone - Yahoo! Travel

Looking for some laid-back Caribbean beach vibe without the sun-and-rum-soaked hoardes? St. Kitts may be just the island gem you’ve been dreaming about.

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Whole Foods feeds growing appetite for culinary tourism | Compass ...

Have you ever planned a trip around food? Maybe a weeklong cooking class in the interior hills of Mexico, or a farm-to-table dinner in a Minnesota field? If so, you’ve been a culinary tourist. And you’ve got a lot of like-minded company. According to the International Culinary Tourism Association (based in the U.K.), culinary tourism [...]

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Table talk: Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas - Yahoo! Travel

Mandalay Bay has become a destination for those in need of a foodie fix.

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Luxury hotels: The dos and don'ts | Compass - Yahoo! Travel

What, exactly, does luxury travel mean? No doubt it has different meanings depending on who you are or how you like to travel. But Nicholas Coleridge, president of Condé Nast International, presented his list of luxury hotel "musts" on Monday night as a keynote speaker at the annual International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes, France. [...]

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Spring Fever - Yahoo! Travel

Goodbye winter, we've got our sights - and hearts - set on spring

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"Surfers' Blood:" local heroes and the places they roam - Yahoo! Travel

New book peels back the glamor and hype to evoke the thrill and meditative beauty of the sport and its environs.

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Wanderings this week - Yahoo! Travel

Our Flickr users have been busy this last week of March sharing images of some of the fascinating places they've seen

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Paris, city of holiday light | Compass - Yahoo! Travel

Could there be any better time to experience Paris than Christmastime? Sure, it's cold. And often rainy. But the City of Light is nothing less than dazzling during December. From the seasonal Christmas markets, to the gorgeously over-the-top window displays to sipping hot chocolate in a cozy café, Paris knows how to throw a holiday [...]

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Newest wonders of the world, 2013

UNESCO's new picks for the World Heritage List include the Medici villas in Tuscany and a university in Portugal....

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10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Families in the US

View the 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Families in the US photo gallery on Yahoo Travel. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries....

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10 Castles You Can Actually Afford to Sleep In

10 Castles You Can Actually Afford to Sleep In

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America's 10 Best State Parks

America's 10 Best State Parks